Our Story

We are a seedling in the web service business built from a hobby of geeking out over all things techish. Our goal is to provide technical support for individuals and small businesses that is personal and service oriented. Our values are rooted in the idea that individuals and small business are the heartbeat of our economy and everyone needs a friend in the tech business. We believe in teaching, learning, building, and supporting FOSS technologies, getting small businesses online, and strengthening the digital landscape with conservative values of hard work and innovation. We are growing and we want to help you grow too.

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Donna - "Teaching has always been my jam. Now tech teaching is my peanut butter and jelly."

Techish One

First is my faith, it is from there Mustard Seed is planted. While growing this endeavor, I also homeschool part-time, garden, snuggle with the pups, and search for great restaurants.

Ongoing Projects

Presently, I teach a Python coding class as an elective at a local school. Take intermediate Python and data security classes. Build websites for clients.

Future Projects

This list is endless: build a personal blog, learn Django and Flask frameworks with the goal of building custom web applications, start a local christian coding community for homeschoolers...

Macks - "I am what they call a maker, I make stuff."

Wise One

I spent 25 years using code to make touch screen control panel user interfaces, and the control systems behind them. Learned a lot about computer networks along the way.

Ongoing Projects

Macks-Aperture Photography club, online photo gallery.
M3 Consulting Technology Solutions business.

Future Projects

Raspberry Pi image capture & processing app to count election ballots, and making some furniture.